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Author Photograph, Daron Everett Jones

Daron Everett Jones is a native of Northern California’s notorious wine capital, Napa. Since childhood he’s had an infatuation with eerily-bizarre mysteries and urban legends (and just about anything else that goes bump in the night). In addition to the time he spends blogging about mythology & political mysticism, he also expends an abundance of creative energy feeding an insatiable addiction to full-fledged storytelling.

Daron is a graduate of the California State University at Sacramento where he studied Political Theory and Philosophy—two subjects that greatly influence his writing. Additionally, he's acquired much knowledge and has gained broad expertise studying the world of visionary and spiritual botanicals—a theme that also frequently ends up being woven into the fabric of his stories.


Though his first goal is always to engage his readers through entertaining and escapist, character-driven fiction, his second is to interlace thought-provoking, informative, and often controversial subject matter into the material. These days you'll find him strolling the crossroads of human sexuality and paranormal phenomenon . . . searching for his next spark of inspiration.


He lives with his wife, Mariah, and son, Desmond, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

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