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"Murder Isn't Always What It Seems"

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The serial killer commonly known as “Bedroom Friday” terrorized the Northern California city of NewLima for over a dozen years.  Authorities claimed he was nothing more than an exceptionally cunning strangler whose pleasure was to deny his victims the air they breathe while delivering unspeakable acts of sexual torture. 


But perhaps there was more to it.  Maybe one of the urban legends was correct.  Might he have been some sort of folk-hero vigilante, preying on abhorrent women—all of whom were deserving of their fateful endings?  Or maybe the even darker tale rang true, that he was not a man at all but some entirely new kind of phenomenon, more akin to phantom than human?


With the case widely believed unsolvable, a radical and desperate final plot to catch the killer was devised.  The architects of the plan—the renegade lead investigator covering the case for its entirety, working with a rookie detective who’d just been awarded Bedroom Friday as a first assignment—set out to put an end to it, one way or another.  Little did they know that what they were about to discover would change their lives forever.


Told as a graphic recount of the final days of one of the longest run murder sprees in the history of Northern California, The GodPlay Dare is a compelling look into the mystery that today continues to baffle everyone it touched.  Unwavering, brutally honest, sexually charged, endearingly human, and prophetic just begin to describe what lay inside...

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