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Welcome to Crowd Fiction.  Conceptually, this is a blog meant to chronicle the process I follow when developing fiction story ideas. It's my hope that this forum will also become a catalyst for utilizing group-dynamics to brainstorm these sparks of inspiration.


As with most writers, many of my stories are entirely thought-up, worked-over, rehashed, then eventually outlined and written in complete solitude.  With Crowd Fiction, however, I'm hopeful that this will turn into a "several-heads-are-better-than-one" collaborative approach to writing.  Is it possible that together we can come up with inspiring content that might otherwise go entirely unimagined?  Think of it as an incubator for fiction story ideas where anyone is welcome to participate.

Having played guitar and bass in numerous bands over the years, the general idea of Crowd Fiction originated from my background as a musician and songwriter.  Though I love writing music on my own, something dynamic can happen when a group of like-minded musicians come together to write music collaboratively . . . or simply during an impromptu jam-session (with or without mind-altering substances aiding the process along).  Sometimes the universe aligns to deliver brilliant streams of creativity.  Some of the very best music ever produced (IMHO) was born this way.  And that's exactly my hope for Crowd Fictionthat we creative fiction enthusiasts together will inspire story-lines that none of us would have thought up on our own.

Because my inspirations for fiction material often come from my societal, philosophical and/or spiritual interests (namely in the form of Sex, Drugs & Mysticism), you'll find general commentary on these three topics woven into many of the Crowd Fiction themes (the ones I initiate, at least).  Hopefully these provocative subjects will lead toward worlds unknown, story-lines fantastic, and characters profound.  Feel free to opine on anything you read here.  No suggestion is off-limits, so long as it supports the blog's charter.

That said, although I'm hopeful to be able to keep Crowd Fiction as interactive and transparent as possible (with the idea of adding guest bloggers in the near future), I will reserve the right to block and/or delete the content of any participants who are not engaged in what I feel to be in the best interest of the site— which ultimately is to produce thought-provoking fiction material of the highest possible quality.

Everyone is welcome to participate - writers and readers alike - so please make yourselves at home and join the discussion!

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