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News & Announcements:

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My official interview with Thriller Magazine just went live!  TM just released their latest issue, which is available for purchase on their website and also through In the meantime, you can read the interview by clicking here. Also, keep an eye our for their next issue, because Rendezvous with the Reaper is on the short list to be included as part of that issue's guest-author lineup...

Completion of the first draft of my upcoming novella, The Human Ponzi, is finally at hand!  I anticipate having the first edit completed and ready for beta-reading by the end of January 2019. Please email me if you have an interest in participating. Click this link for the premise/blurb....

My new blog, Blog of the 5th Kind, will be launched in correspondence with its sister backstory novella, The Human Ponzi, and is anticipated to be in full publication by the end of February, 2019.

The monthly newsletter, Sex, Drugs, and Mysticism, is scheduled to be launched in tandem with the "go-live" date that's been set for, Blog of the 5th Kind. Please check it out here!

Advance Reviewer Copies of The GodPlay Dare are finally on the way! I'm excited to announce that after a 6 month edit/revision schedule, and multiple formatting modifications, final paperback copies of my inaugural full-length novel are in the mail. Additionally, I've taken painstaking efforts to create eBook versions (ePub/Mobi), which are both available right now. Please contact me with a request to be added to the ARC reviewer list, and please include your preferred file type.

Rendezvous with the Reaper is live and available by either contacting me directly, reading on Wattpad, or downloading directly from The story is in contention for awards in several writing competitions and is pending review at multiple locations, so stay tuned!

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