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Woman’s body found near Galerina Park thought to be latest victim of serial killer, Bedroom Friday


Alexandra Pearce

The body identified as that of local NewLima, CA resident, Abigail Haley (age 41), was discovered early Friday morning in her townhome near Galerina Park. Ms. Haley was a social media publicist and a lifelong resident of Northern California's Bay Area. Though not formally announced, early evidence discovered at the crime scene points to the likelihood that Ms. Haley was the latest victim of the infamous serial killer known as Bedroom Friday

Ten years divorced from Robert Holsten, founder of the Holsten Beef Company, Abigail Haley re-assumed her maiden name not long after their marriage ended. After having received divorce settlement proceeds estimated to be in the tens-of-millions, she found moderate success in the world of independent publishing, often credited with the discovery of local area celebrity author, Nora Kelley

Reports coming from the NLPD’s forensics team through department media lead, Detective Dale Webb, indicate that circumstances surrounding the death of Ms. Haley closely parallel those of previous Bedroom Friday killings. Though too soon to determine the exact cause of death, it appears that asphyxiation will ultimately be cited once the coroner’s office has released its findings. If confirmed, that would make Ms. Haley the 19th known Bedroom Friday victim in twelve years.

Early evidence also estimates the time of death to be about two weeks prior to the discovery of Ms. Haley’s body. This would support the assumption that her killing likely occurred on a Friday night. Already, and typical in the hours following the discovery of a Bedroom Friday victim, reports have started flooding news-media hotlines about local area females having been victimized in their dreams by the ominously fabled murderer. Social activity throughout the city this weekend, especially concerning middle-age Bay Area females, is expected to be greatly impacted by the news of Ms. Haley's death.

Final rulings in the case will be released early next week, but if history repeats, the occurrence of another Bedroom Friday murder is a statistical certainty in the coming days. Therefore, the NLPD is advising citizens of NewLima to proceed with extreme caution. 

Abigail Haley lived alone. She did not have any known children or next of kin.

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